Terms and conditions:


Welcome to the Livorse. We are an online marketplace, and these are the terms and conditions which will explain your excess and usage of the site and its related domains such as a mobile app, site or tools.

This site reserves its right to change, modify, add or remove any information at any time before any notice. The changes in the information will be updated on the official website without any other notice. Regularly check the terms and conditions for an update.

Livorse Company:

  • Livorse Company is a multi-vendor online company where any businessman or any shopkeeper can sell their products.
  • Livorse itself is not selling any product, but it is providing a platform to those vendors and shopkeepers who want to sell their products.
  • Livorse Company only works with the honest and true vendor. Any fake vendor has no place for them here. To become a vendor, he or she must provide essential verifications and identification details.
For further details, you must contact the administration of the Livorse Company through WhatsApp.


All those shopkeepers who want to have their outlet on our website must fulfill the criteria to become a vendor on Livorse.

  • To become a vendor, your verification is of utmost importance.
  • You must provide your identification by proving a NIC copy to the Livorse Company.
  • A vendor is not approved by the Company til his or her account verification is not done completely.
  • A vendor is bound to sell only those products which they show in their provided platform. It is against the policies of the Company for the vendor to show a product and send something different to the customer.
  • A vendor is bound from showing original pictures of the product and sending copies to the customer.
  • A vendor is not bound to sell original products only. In case of any copied item, a vendor must inform it in the description for the customer clarity.
  • In such case where a vendor is found to be cheating the customer, Livorse Company has all the right to take any legal action against the vendor.
  • If the vendor is found littering the name of the Livorse Company, the company hold the right to block the vendor completely.
  • There is absolutely no space for the vendor to cheat or fraud the customer and cause a bad name for the Livorse Company.
  • All vendor must follow all the rules and regulations for smooth working experience.
  • Any vendor not following the rules and regulations will be blocked, deleted or banned.
All those vendors who are not serious about the Company's rules and regulations, kindly do not join the Livorse as it is not a place for any fake vendors. It is a professional platform where selling and purchasing must be done honestly for the benefit of the Livorse.


  • A Customer must make sure that they provide the correct name and address while placing an order.
  • Any purchased product cannot be returned.
  • Before placing an order, the customer must read all the information about the vendor and the product thoroughly.
  • Customers must provide their correct and in-use WhatsApp number while contacting the administration for the purchase. This is solely for the benefit of the customer.
  • When you are placing an order, the customer must pay the shipping charges before the order is dispatched.
  • The term and condition for the shipment charges are put in to get rid of any fake customer. You provided with the basic shipment fee means that that you are a serious buyer and you will definitely pay the whole price when the product reaches you. It saves a lot of hassle for the company and the associated delivery companies such as TCS.
  • Any customer should feel relaxed that only those products will be sent to you which you will see on the website.
  • If any customer is concerned with the fact that any vendor is selling a copied item and hasn't mentioned about it in any form, then that customer must inform the administration to take action against that vendor.
  • Livorse Company works for providing the best to its customers. Only those items will be sent tot eh customer who will be shown to them in pictures. All the detail of the product will be as sit is as shown.
  • Any customer can check their delivery status through our website. It can also be traced through the sent email which we will also keep posting to keep you updated with your delivery status.
  • In any case, the administration contact number is provided before the dispatch when the order is confirmed through WhatsApp. A customer can always contact the administration to get an update.

Shipment info:

You order will not proceed further till you contact the administration of divorce through a valid WhatsApp number and finalize your order.
There is only cash on delivery (COD) option available for the purchasing. Any other option such as a credit card or any other online transactions is not accepted.
Your order will not be shipped off till you pay the shipping charges first. The shipment charges are to be paid in advance for the purchase to be sent.
The shipping charges will be according to your purchase. They may vary as per your purchase, so the customer must come in contact with the administration.